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Docker #4 : Build Docker from sources

Docker is still in developpement. I'm experiencing bug #4068 which been corrected on master but not else in Ubuntu 14.04 packages. I will build Docker from sources with... Docker itself.

Docker #3 : Commandes utiles

Voici quelques commandes très utiles pour démarrer avec Docker. La commande que j'utilise est parce que dans Debian et Ubuntu la commande docker était déjà prise.

Docker #2 : Plone

    This recipe is about Plone deployement for developement and production with Docker and Buildout. I will write two DockerFile, first one provide a great python environnement and second one which deploy a Plone instance with iuem.sequestre. iuem.sequestre is a numeric vault to store secrets. It's a Plone addon.